Get Cheap Lipper International Set of 2 Child's Chairs - Cherry

Lipper International Set of 2 Child's Chairs - Cherry

Shop for Childrens Chairs from! Get more for your money with this Extra Set of 2 Children's Chairs. Add this sweet, classic set of two chairs to either the Lipper Rectangular or Round Table and Chair Set, or use them on their own. Both boys and girls will enjoy this chair set. These chairs are crafted from solid beechwood, so they'll stand up to tough playroom use for years to come. You can always use extra chairs for playtime, and this classic style fits well anywhere. Choose from several finish colors. Some assembly is required. About Lipper InternationalLipper International provides exceptionally valued kitchen, home & office organizers including the Soho Spice Collection; single serve coffee pod organizers; kitchen pantryware, cutting boards and tools; serving & entertaining accessories; and children's furniture and toy chests. Lipper uses the finest quality materials including stainless steel, bamboo, acacia wood, chrome- and powder-coated metals and other fine quality hard woods. Known for product functionality as well as beauty and quality craftsmanship, Lipper International combines quality, style, service, and price into every product and collection it offers.